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5D Series Utility Tractor

Tractor 5D Series

5D Series Utility Tractors

Do you need a professional tractor for small or special jobs?

If you thought John Deere performance was only for big operators, you’ll be pleased to discover that we put all our engineering expertise into creating the 5D.

5040D Utility Tractor

Packed with power, this heavy-duty agricultural tractor is best suited for both dry and wet land cultivation.

Tractor 5D Series

5045D Utility Tractor

Want more for what you pay for? 5D Series Utility Tractors are just what you need with advanced technology , leading engineering and innovative design to set new standards in performance and productivity.

John Deere continues to serve the agricultural community with products that bring distinct value for investment and enhance productivity
better than rival products. Famous for products and solutions that are designed and engineered to be Easy, Smart and Responsive, we have
179 years of history and worldwide leadership serving people linked to the land.

5050D Utility Tractor